Transfusion Disposable Products TX Medical

Blood Transfusion Set
  • Cylindrical drip chamber with and without vent provided to prevent passage of any clot into the patient.
  • 18 G Needle for smooth flow.
  • Moulded rubber with filter flash ball for extra medication.
  • Efficient roller controller for accurate adjustment of infusion rate.
  • E.T.O. Sterile and Pyrogen Free.
  • Luer lock connectors also available.
Blood Transfusion Set
Intravenous Transfusion Set
  • Extra strong, spike with/without air vent bacteria barrier at air inlet.
  • Flexible drip chamber facilitate rapid adjustment of fluid level.
  • Disc filter in drip chamber.
  • Kink resistant non-toxic medical grade P.V.C. tubing.
  • Strong roller clamp with a provision to hold the tube for changing the fluid container without disturbing the flow rate.
  • Extra thick self sealing latex bulb.
  • Luer lock connectors also available.
  • E.T.O. Sterile and Pyrogen Free.
Blood Intravenous Transfusion Set
Measured Volume Burette Set
  • Large calibrate burette chamber.
  • Bacteria proof venting.
  • Injection port for supplementary medication.
  • Automatic shut off valve, micro dropper and flexible drip chamber.
  • Sharp piercing spike provided with built-in air inlet containing bacteria barrier filter.
  • Roller type flow controller.
  • Y injection sites for extra medication.
  • Luer lock connector also available.
  • E.T.O. Sterile and Pyrogen Free.
  • Chamber Capacity: 110ml / 150ml.
Measured Volume Burette Set